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Monthly column for Spike Art Quarterly

Welcome to the myriad strange and startling “haunted maps” of artists Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin…

ROT THE MAP: Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin’s Whether Line at Fondazione Prada for 032c

Half full, half empty and a glass in need of resizing…

Marca España for Buffalo Zine

Surfaces are made for slipping up and disappearing through. Order turns to dust…

Portrait: Bernadette Corporation for SPIKE

A hip-clutching riot of a mourning dress in creamy blue crepe…

A look at Elsa Schiaparelli’s Tears Dress for SPIKE

Cowboy scratched at the flecks of salt between sunbleached follicles on his scalp as he stared down at the purling water…

SEAb0H33. A short story for Emotional Supply Chains catalogue

He’s a guest on the show of his own life under peer-to-peer pressure to perform: livestream or die trying…

Synopsis for The Superhost

Mild claustrophobia makes for a surreal experience within a monstrous tent inside Regents Park. But it’s also somewhat apt in 2016, to feel a little boxed in…

Things didn’t only get better: a look back at the 90s in art for i-D

Does any hoodie warrant the price of two months worth of organic groceries?

A nihilist’s guide to Vetements for SPIKE

At only 26 years old, Hailey Gates has studied theater at NYU, appeared in major modeling campaigns, worked at The Paris Review, and acted in a movie opposite Meryl Streep. So when asked what she does for a living, what’s her response?

Interview with Hailey Gates for NYLON

While the art world recovers from the week that was, you can check out some of its rising stars right here…

“10 artists that thrilled us at NADA: Miami Beach” for NYLON

Not a disheveled 4chan dirtbag or K-ed out philosophy student in sight…

roBOt08 Bologna Live Report for CLASH

Ghosts don’t like jokes

Press text for Mikkel Carl – House Rules for the Living and the Dead

Civilization has to reject the morality of altruism, babe.

“An iDrive” screenplay & performance, co-written & produced with Daniel Keller

It was a sovrin pipe dream, it was a huge success, it wasn’t what I wanted…

Press text for Daniel Keller – Kai ❤  D⃫a⃫l⃫s⃫t⃫o⃫n⃫ Bushwick at Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler

“They are a window into the body but it’s not necessarily about skin”

– Marios Schwab interviewed for Sleek Magazine

You could call it accelerationist metafiction, or the conjectural realization of the Californian Ideology

Paratext & Glossary to HOTTEST NEW ALT MARRIAGE STACK SOLUTIONS by Daniel Keller for Texte zur Kunste #97 “Bohemia”

Consumer, daughter, artist, meat sack, thought vortex, sexual being, mother, political vessel, projection, product, vulnerable mortal or Other

Press text for X is Y at Sandy Brown

Cookie-cutter condos neatly stacked above estate agents and restaurants, malls, ill-conceived public sculptures and rows of well-pruned myrtle trees

Dredgecore Princess: Holly Childs talks “Danklands” for Sleek

A nail bar strewn with lumps of cornbread dough and scorched denim, a Gagosian kindergarten and nuclear fallout refreshments

One Day at Frieze for Novembre

Off-Site Frieze week highlights

Samsung + Sleek Magazine art diary project

I had a computer since I was one. Like thousands of trees, waterfalls and stuff. It would be so good to look at now, this printed-out list of emoticons. The librarian was telling everyone to use Google instead of Yahoo because it was better. I thought it was a weird word. unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnghthist question. google images probably??

Press text for ‘Petwelt’ at Société gallery, 2014

“When we love a brand, what context are we loving it in?”

Matthew Linde of Center for Style interviewed for Sleek Magazine

“4K or go home!” laughs Canadian artist Kate Samsom. Dazed is with Sansom and fellow artists Britta Thie and Daniel Keller at IFA, Europe’s largest consumer electronics show


Dazed Digital

Twinkling within the Zirconia diamonds and cut glass is the reflection of the show’s titular piece, Ceremonial Achievements

GCC interview and review of Ceremonial Achievements for Sleek Magazine

Buffalo Zine, Hendrik Schneider

A Screen Test for an Adaptation of Giselle, dir. Cécile B Evans

Possessed, dir. Metahaven

Costume design for News Crime Sports at Volksbühne, dir. Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff

News Crime Sports at Volksbühne Berlin, dir. Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff

Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff

Rouge Fashion Book, Lane Lang

Interview DE, Claude Gerber

Whitelies Magazine

Information Skies dir. Metahaven

Ninth Berlin Biennale promo dir. DIS, prod. Iconoclast

Sleek Magazine, Vitali Gelwich

TANK, Hendrik Schneider

Seastead Figure (Exiled Polypooler), 2015 with Daniel Keller

The Superhost, dir. Britta Thie, prod. Münchner Kammerspiele & ZDF in cooperation with ARTE Creative

Seastead Figures (Polypool), 2015 with Daniel Keller

Interference – Holly Herndon, dir. Metahaven

Pitch Zine, Wilkosz & Way

032c, Hendrik Schneider & Till Janz

ü, Gary Lafargue

Novembre Magazine, Wilkosz & Way + Daniel Swan

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